Social Media for Non-Profits: Give the good, good feels all year

It’s a busy world out there and expecting people to remember all year what you are about without some contact is asking too much. Especially for non-profits whose rewards are not always tangible. You want to give your audience the good feels all year!

It’s crucial for non-profits to implement a good, sound social media plan to engage an audience and keep them coming back for more information, more volunteering and , of course, giving more money.

If your big event is once a year, then you need to be present in your followers, Fb friends/likes, volunteers and others lives all year. You never know who will be reading or who will decide they want join in on what you are trying to do.


Weekly & Daily ways to keep folks involved:

  • Blog posts/updates
  • Twitter/Facebook shares of fun content
  • Event announcements
  • Volunteer call-outs
  • Instagram!
  • Particpant highlights
  • Gamify! Make it fun, make it cool, get folks involved

While researching ways to present social media as a practical and necessary way to promote a charity I am involved with, I came across this slide presentation. Great ideas to get your non-profit’s social media plan headed int he right direction.