Northside Nights: More delights in 2014

Northside Nights Spring 2014

One thing I truly love about Indy is its support for local eateries. Spring, summer, fall and winter all  include amazing restaurant weeks that help boost business for the many wonderful eateries around the city. Northside Nights is one of my favorites.

I love Northside Nights because it covers an area of the city I don’t stray into normally because of distance – even though I probably should – and offers set menus and prices for places where I  can try something new or revisit something familiar and well-loved.

The two-week event has grown so much over the last four years, it now boasts over 30 participating restaurants and providing guests with a smorgasbord of dining choices, drink pairings and special dietary choices.

A few of my recommendations:

OAKLEY’S Bistro:

With items that appeal to my Southern heart on this spring’s menu, it’s really the top of my list. Red Eye Gravy Aioli (must make sure they get this right) and Fried Catfish poppers? Hello, sweet happiness. I’m interested in seeing some of their new small plates and their new dining area as well.

Late Harvest

For starters, Smoked Ham Hock Soup! OK. Well, I know, I’m just showing my country roots, but I just can’t argue with this. I’d also go here to try the Biscuits and Rabbit Gravy and the Schnitzel. Although we’ve enjoyed this delight of the Northside previously, it’s worth it to put on the list.

The Local Eatery & Pub

Three things: Seared Scallops, Lamb Ragout and Ginger and BEET CREME BRÛLÉE. See, just went all-caps in that one. The Local’s #NSN14 menu is small, but perfect.


Because this option is so diverse in its menu offerings, I can’t keep it of my list. Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options galore are offered and they all sound amazing. Definitely something I would drive to check out from the lower East Side of Indy.

Don’t let my short list stop you from trying out the other 30-odd menus offered in this spring’s Northside Nights. From Italian to new fusion to down-home, you are sure to find something that will make you smile and your belly full.