Mixtape: Songs in the key of l-u-v

An updated post from 2013

Love is supposedly a many splendored thing. Well, to some of us it’s a not just splendored, but tragic, overwhelming, joyous or even like riding in a big fancy car. And music is one vehicle to express those feelings.

Some notable musicians, DJs and music producers – aka music lovers & friends of mine – shared some of their favorite songs about love in this special Valentine’s Day mixtape.


Matt Patton

Drive By Truckers, Dexateens

Water Valley, Miss.

“Let Them Talk” – Bobby Patterson

“One of my first choices has got to be, “Let Them Talk,” by Bobby Patterson. This song tears me up big time. I don’t think it’s his original, but it’s hard to imagine it’s been done better.

“Hot Burrito #1” – Flying Burrito Brothers

“I like love songs that express a deep need for another person. Over confident male vocalist stuff, talking about how amazing the sex will be is more for dancing.

“I love how utterly pathetic and brooding Gram Parsons sounds on that ‘Hot Burrito #1’ tune. He sounds like he’s less than nothing without her and refuses to believe she could move on. This is the only way I could picture myself if I lost my wife.”



Amy Rigby

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, Amy Rigby, The Shams 

The Catskills

“No Regrets” – Waylon Jennings

“I choose the Waylon Jennings version of ‘No Regrets,’ by Tom Rush. Waylon’s gruff masculinity makes the vulnerability extra devastating – you can feel the loneliness but you know he’ll get over it… eventually. He makes you believe the benefits of having been with someone can outweigh the pain of them leaving. A brilliant song, and Tom Rush is still alive so I think I’d better go see him. RIP Waylon.”



Long Gone John

Founder, Sympathy For The Record Industry Record Label

Olympia, Wash.

“Catch The Wind” – Donovan

“It is a song from my childhood, a beautiful sentiment of longing and unrequited love from the minstrel prince of Scotland.”



Daniel Kroha

The Gories, Demolition Doll Rods, Danny & the Darleans, Rocket 455

Detroit, Mich.

“I Found A Love” by The Falcons 

“The Falcons, in my opinion, were the greatest R&B group of all time. I take great pride in pointing out that they came together and recorded in Detroit.

“Wilson Pickett sings lead on this and Robert Ward plays the lead guitar. The song perfectly captures the excitement of finding a new love, or rediscovering an old love.

“It’s a mid-tempo burner that’s all fire and passion. The way the torrid vocals and gorgeous guitar licks intertwine, dang, it gets me every time.”

 The Gories via Facebook


Mandy Marie Luke

Mandy Marie and the Cool Hand Lukes

Austin, Texas

“Cadillac In Model A” – Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys

“This song captures all the giddiness and gaiety (in the real sense of the word) of young love. He’s so smitten with this girl, being out with her makes him feel like his old Model A is the most stylish Cadillac on the road. Even when things are bad, love makes you feel good. And, I’m madly in love with the line ‘while them four cylinders is settin’ the beat.’ Poetry!”

“I Live On A Battlefield” – Nick Lowe

“I will admit to being overly obsessed with Nick Lowe, but I’d challenge anyone to find a song that better describes a breakup. Similes aside, Nick’s gorgeous voice over this chord structure makes for my personal version of musical perfection.

“And these lyrics… they’re perfect! ‘I live on a battlefield surrounded by the ruins of the love we built’ – what a killer kick off! You’re anxiously waiting for the next word to fly out of your speakers!”

Mandy Marie & the Cool Hand Lukes via Facebook


Jay Martin


Portland, Ore.

R.L. Burnside – “Just Like A Bird Without A Feather”

“This song to me, defines love in the worst, yet often times most intense, kind of way – the darkest heart and mind, and the consequences of your actions.

“It’s total longing, devotion and desperation and the things you do to keep it [love] around, even if it’s just reflection, in your mind, in the end.”


Just like a bird without a feather

You know I’m lost without your love

Just like a bird without a feather

You know I’m lost without your love

You know I need your love

Just like the angels need Heaven above

Well, you know, sure as I shot my baby

But I did it because she did me wrong

Well, you know, sure as I shot my baby

But I did it because she did me wrong

Yeah, you know the judge call it murder

Now the penitentiary is my home

Yeah, I loved that woman

Said she didn’t love no one but me

Yeah, you know, I love that woman

She said she didn’t love no one but me

Yeah, but I caught my baby cheatin’

Now my home ain’t where it used to be.