Happy Hour | A Taste Of Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey tasting St. Patrick's Day

What better way to start your St. Patrick’s Day weekend than with a few Irish whiskeys? These delicious distilled drinks are flavorful, bold and sweet, yet each have their own personality and their very own history.





Price: $20+

Nose: Pretty light, but not unpleasant. First smell is slightly of apples, with light caramel and some light malt.

Palate: Pretty non-existent, but blooms with a few drops of water, and maltiness  matures in glass.

Finish: Clean, a little malty with a little bitterness.

Comments: Sweeter than most Irish whiskeys, and better suited for mixing drinks – Irish coffee, etc. than neat or on the rocks.


Tulemore Dew


Price: $20-30

Nose: Grainy, firm and slightly fruity.

Palate: Caramel and spice with malty sweetness.

Finish: Vanilla and spices ensure complexity, yet some flavors linger.

Comment: A little too sweet, but love the mix of the caramel and vanilla flavors.


Jameson 12 year


Price: $35-45

Nose: Very aromatic, wafts of orange peel and leather.

Palate: Big, oily, creamy, sociable, loud.

Finish: Peppery, with a bit of oak.

Comment: Perfect for everyday drinking.


Redbreast 12


Price: $75-100

Nose: Sweet, multi-faceted, flavors of fig, fruit.

Palate: Sip, don’t swig, to taste the fullness of this whiskey. Light and sweet.

Finish: Easy finish, the floral notes from the nose return. The sweetness fades fast.

Comment: Completely different than Jameson, with a mature complexity.

*Special thanks to the Claddagh Irish Pub in Indianapolis.