Gluten-free on a budget – 7 helpful tips

Setting up your gluten-free pantry

Don’t fret over breaking the bank to stay gluten-free. Although many premade meals, bread and snacks are expensive, there are lots of ways to save money and keep the folks at the dinner table happy.

Look for the sales

Make sure to check flyers, coupons and post-seasonal sales to stock up on items like beans, rice, gluten-free pasta and other canned or dried items.

Buy in bulk

As I’ve preached before, buying in bulk can oftentimes save you money, and buying bulk flours and other grains for baking is usually the best way to go.

Make your own snacks

Pre-packaged gluten-free snacks can be pretty pricey, so making your own kale chips, trail mix and even your own hummus can really keep your budget on track.

Potato, potatah

Use more potatoes. These super-inexpensive little gems from the earth are way more versatile than many folks realize. They can turn into pasta, soup, bread and of course everyone’s favorite, French fries.

Eat your vegetables

Cut back on your meat purchases and eat more healthy vegetables. You can stock up on frozen veggies when they are on sale or buy vegetables weekly at your grocery store or farmer’s market for fresher meals.

Keep your pantry stocked

Keeping things on hand keeps you from running out to the store every night looking for a gluten-free replacement, and spending more money than you’d prefer. Think ahead, and save money by having a well-stocked pantry.

Meal plan

Making meal plans for one or two weeks out can really help you cut down on extra costs. With a meal plan, you can buy exactly what you’ll need for those meals, instead of guessing at the grocery. Unplanned grocery trips can end up becoming quite expensive.

Shop smarter, eat better, save money.